R.L. Wolf – Creating A Strong Story And Sound

R.L. Wolf

Every artist wanting to get known must develop a story that is more than just their music.  In this multi-faceted entertainment industry, many potential fans will look at your photos and read your artist bio before even listening to your songs.  The artist that realizes this has a leg up if he creates a fully immersive experience for the potential fan.  One artist that truly seems to get this is our recent discovery R.L. Wolf.

The alternative rocker hails from just outside the musical hotbed of Austin, Texas.  R.L. Wolf fits in perfectly with the town’s slogan “Keep Austin Weird”.  He has no desire to fit into the status quo being set up in the mainstream.  Wolf considers himself a lycanthrope, but very unlike the image that Hollywood has been spewing to us for all these years.  If the word rings a bell but you are not sure exactly what I am talking about I implore you to read the full bio of R.L. Wolf HERE.  There is no way I could share the story as well as he did.  

Together with a small, rotating number of lycanthropes who collectively call themselves, the “Werewolves of Austin”, R.L. Wolf churns out an inventive mix of in your face rock that holds true to his Southern roots with touches of Country and Gospel music running through its veins.

The latest single by R.L. Wolf is “God Bless The One Percent”.  It is an energetic explosion of sound that grabs your attention from the first note.  The lyrics are meaningful and thought-provoking as he shares his love for his Country.  The driving guitar will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the track.  This is definitely one to dive in to.  R.L. Wolf is now offering a free download of the song on his website at: http://www.rlwolfmusic.com

Go get some for yourself!

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