Rae du Soleil Wants To ‘Love You Close’

Rae du Soleil

Since the beginning of time music has been a tool to create connections. The way it can create emotions within many listeners at once without having a direct conversation with each one is magical. Our recent discovery Rae du Soleil is at the forefront of connecting with her listeners in her blossoming career. 

Hailing from San Francisco, California, Raelyn Kaplan, aka Rae du Soleil has been allowed the freedom to have an open mind in her music. Her stage name literally translates to “Rae of the sun” in French. That is what she aims to be with her music. A ray of empathy to those needing it most. Rae takes inspiration from artistic activists such as Michael Franti, India. Arie, Tash Sultana and Nahko and Medicine for the People. Rae du Soleil expands on this with her musical mission of ‘creation for connection.’

Currently a sophomore in college, Rae is designing her own BA degree, working on an interactive book of poetry, and performing regularly around the Pacific Northwest. She keeps very busy and fans of music with feeling are starting to take notice.

Rae du Soleil has recently released her single “I Love You Close” along with a cool animation visual video. The song is an elegant blend of sweet vocals, acoustic guitar and sometimes drums to pump up the energy. There is something about Rae’s vocal phrasing that draws the listener in to pay attention to each word. The picture painted in your mind is truly beautiful. The rise and fall of the instrumentation creates an attention-grabbing element that never lets your mind stray too far. 

Rae du Soliel is definitely one to keep an eye and an ear out for. Word is that her debut album is on the way in early 2020. Keep up with more happenings on her WEBSITE.

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