Randy Ross Is “Blowin’ Dust”

Randy Ross brings us some classic cowboy country with a new track “Blowin’ Dust.” This song is the real deal, with Ross’s captivating country charm selling the humble picture the lyrics paint. The track is refined, yet still retains the rough sound of the genre. Check out “Blowin’ Dust” to get a good taste of the sound Randy Ross brings to the table.

A whole ensemble of instruments fills out this track. Far from feeling lonesome, Ross’s vocals are backed by a band that knows how to serve the song. Every element fits into place, the guitar and fiddle are played with confidence but don’t distract from anything else. The solos feel at home on the track, trading off as a live band might, all while following the flow of the song.

“Blowin’ Dust” is a strong showing for Randy Ross, a hidden gem in an underrepresented genre. It is easy to love the charm and charisma of Ross’s cowboy country sound. If you enjoyed “Blowin’ Dust,” check out some of Ross’s other work. Keep up with Randy Ross to see what he has in store for the future.

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