There are many bands out there that do not solely have the dream of becoming rich and famous with their music.  When a group can do what they do for just the sheer joy of it and sharing their songs with the people that want to hear them a freedom is established.  This freedom allows the band to not have to cater to what mainstream record labels want and instead make music that makes them feel accomplished.  A good example is the band Red Martian.

Red Martian

The Seattle, Washington based group has been in the game since 1999.  Lets face it that is an eternity for a band to stay together especially without major success.  But these guys are in it for more than that.  Evolving out of the DIY punk scene, hard work was never a question.  The Red Martian sound is self described as “neue-shoegazer” claiming influence from such luminaries as My Bloody Valentine and more recent bands like Interpol.  Even though they have remained mostly underground, Red Martian has toured extensively across the globe and released five CDs, six vinyl LPs, and four acetate limited-edition EPs on the band’s own label Bughlt Records.

Last month Red Martian released the video “Retrailing” as a tease for their live show SRGE: Arcade Armageddon at the Living Computer Museum.  Enjoy it here:



Thier most recent album Ghost In The Fog is their most modern yet.  The 8 track album was led by legendary rock producer Gordon Raphael (The Strokes, Regina Spektor), who helped push the band into a brand new sonic direction combining their signature sound with a modern take.  The opening title track “Ghost In The Fog” brings that smoky and somewhat dark style to the table with brooding vocals that draw the listener in close.  The raw energy shows its teeth on “みなぞう”.  The grinding guitars push the envelope while providing a melody that will stick in your head like glue.  The tone is slowed down some for “Won’t” as the lyrics take center stage with some deep reverb effects to solidify the shoegaze sound that becomes almost trance inducing here.  The record closes with “Ago”.  The almost peppy guitar and bassline builds up the energy in contrast to the vocal track that fills the rest of the sonic palette perfectly.  Dive deeper into Red Martian and their full catalog at: 

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