It is tough for me to say but Rock music can get stale sometimes even to someone who has been a fan for decades.  New bands today have to add an edge to their rock sound to make it original and stand out from the over-crowded scene.  Our recent find Reditus is definitely on the right path with that piece of advice.


The 3-piece band from Chicago, Illinois is mainly based in alternative rock but there is much more to them than that.  Members John Keith, Michael Patterson, and Noisy Lingus pull together influences from all over the musical spectrum to create something truly original.  There is the spirit of post-punk, the grit of garage and the appeal of pop blended together with experimental and electronic noise to make the Reditus sound.  

The newest release by the band is the Persona EP that was set upon the world on August 10th.  The 6 track record spans the gamut of their genres.  The opener “Automne Le Frere” brings in some exotic samples to break up what is probably the most straight ahead and powerful  rock song on the record.  The experimentation of “Myopia” with its mellow beat and almost gypsy-punk tone adds another level to where the boys can go with their music.  The electronics take the lead on “The Session” while the vocals are belted out with a sense of raw emotion that draws in the listener.  The album closes with “The Wicked Ones”.  It has a nice lullaby feel to it with its pretty piano melody and twinkling noises.  The emotion comes through as the song develops and leaves us wanting more.  

You can get the album now on iTunes HERE 


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