Creating music is often a very personal thing.  When an artist pours his personal life and experience into his songwriting it quickly relates to his listeners.  Our recent discovery Chames is as open as they come with his music.


The hip-hop artist from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania is only 25 years old but he has been writing lyrics and poetry since the age of 10.  During his younger days legends of the hip-hop scene such as Jay-Z, Nas, and Rakim were huge influences in the building of the Chames style.  His best asset though is his ability to pour his own life experience into his sound with an honest take on the plights and triumphs of a young adult trying to navigate through life.  These thoughts and emotions are shared both when they are good as well as when they are bad.  

The latest release from Chames is the mixtape Siddhartha’s Revelations.  The 9 track record is inspired by the book Siddhartha by Herman Hesse. Siddhartha’s Revelations is the book told in hip-hop form, using the language and relevancy of today’s generation in order to translate it into a message that can be understood in 2015.  Straight from the opener “Life” Chames lets you know there will be no lack of words and storytelling.  His quick flow shows off a true talent.  On “All That Matters” he shows off a deep R&B side that pours out emotions.  There is no fear in his music.  The party returns on “All Night” featuring J-Hunta.  The beat will get any head bouncing as Chames attacks the mic with a true veracity.  The slowdown of “The River” lets the listener relax slightly with an almost psychedelic sound while the verses flow with a speed that grabs full attention.  This is a complete record with something for lovers of all hip-hop and rap.  Go enter Chames’ world at: 

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