There are many good lyric and poetry writers out there that unfortunately just do not have the talent to write full songs.  WIthout a beat the lyrics remain as just written poetry that will never develop into a song.  Luckily there are also a lot of talented music makers that can make a beat but not necessarily write bookloads of lyrics.  One such creator is John Rodgers of


The Cincinatti, Ohio native has been involved in music his whole life and has experienced all types gathering many influences for his unique sound.  The recent focus has been sample driven Hip Hop.  What John Rodgers brings to the table has helped many a rapper get their flows into the world.  

At his website John Rodgers has tons of beats available for sale.  If you are struggling writing complete songs we strongly suggest you check out his stuff.  We can even get you a free beat if you check out his site.  

For some samples and more info go to:  


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