Rene Erickson Is “Never Gone”

“Never Gone” is the second of eleven acoustic guitar tracks from her album Silent Street. These songs are collages of rich-sounding guitars, each conveying their own feeling and emotion. The accompanying music video of “Never Gone” matches the joy and adventure of the song. A montage of children playing highlights the bright and nostalgic wave of emotion from Erickson’s music.

The song begins with the tuning of a guitar from standard to an open tuning. A small touch that makes this track feel personal and builds anticipation like waiting for a live show to begin. The open tuning of the guitar allows Erickson to express the beautiful and atmospheric openness of the impeccably recorded acoustic instrument.

As “Never Gone” continues, melodies develop and dance around each other. The resonant tones of the guitar have time to sing out and linger, all creating a full texture. The simple rhythmic pattern that the song revolves around is hypnotizing and carries the listener through to the end of the track.

If you enjoyed Rene Erickson’s song “Never Gone,” check out the album Silent Street for more songs like it. Also try some of her previous music like the 2006 release Riptide for more of a country/folk-rock sound recorded with a full band. Rene Erickson has something to offer for everyone.

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