Music can be used to instill any type of mood.  It creates an atmosphere that lets people know what to feel and how to act.  If you are looking for a fun time to be had we may have found the perfect music for you in Rewind Stop Play.

The Los Angeles based group crafts a fun dance pop sound that is meant to put a smile on your face and a tap in your toes.  Rewind Stop Play is the collaboration of Seth Jeremy on piano and vocals; Laird Fryer co-producing and various amazing Los Angeles vocalists including so far; Laura Vall, Terra Pasternak, Aramis Middleton, Blair Allan etc.  Seth has been in love with music from an early age and has dove into many aspects of creating it from writing, arranging, singing, piano, saxophone, guitar and programming.

RSP has been picking up steam with a string of high energy dance hits grabbing fans attention at every turn.  Right from the start of “I Can’t Dance” you know a party is breaking out.  There is sound coming at all angles and the breakdowns feature a sultry vocal performance to add a pop feel to the dance track.  Rewind Stop Play show off some more good production mixed with party beat songwriting on “Disco Tetris.”  Heads will be bopping and bodies moving to this one.  The group grabs some pop culture attention with “Lohan”, a comical take on the troubles of child star Lindsay Lohan.  RSP made a fun video to go along with it.  Enjoy it below:

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