Any true artist that hopes for success has to be willing to pour his heart and soul into his music.  The music industry is not an easy one and hard work and dedication is needed.  When you are true to yourself and your real thoughts and emotions are transferred to your songs people can relate.  One man that seems to really understand this is our latest find Da Challenger.

Da Challenger

The indie hip hop artist hails from the tough areas in uptown DC.  In his words “I have seen a lot, and experienced twice as much.”  Da Challenger has also been known throughout the DMV area as Lashes Bighead and Da Storytella.  No matter what he is called he puts all his heart and effort into creating his music.  This is Music With Substance.  By choosing to be real with his songs Da Challenger has been gaining a following of true fans at a rapid pace.

The most recent project is the full length album Verbal Canvas Vol 1.  The 12 track record is a good spot to begin learning about Da Challenger.  On the opener “The Introduction” he lets you know where he stands right off the bat and what his intentions are.  The mellow and sparse beat lets the listener focus on the lyrics.  There is more of a an old school party beat on “Summer Time Fine”.  The bounce of the track will get the head bobbing.  “Another Night” continues the old soul vibe while Da Challenger rips off a lyrical assault making you think.  The storytelling on songs like “Soul Searching” has the feel that he is talking only to you and sharing his deepest feelings.  This attracts fans with an aura of being close to the artist.  The closer “Letter To You” ends the record with a mellowed out feel and a message of motivation to be the best you can be.

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