As the year 2014 comes to a close we like to look back at some of the hard working artists we met in the last year to see where they are at in their quest for music stardom.  One of the hardest working guys we know is our friend Kenny Fame.

Kenny Fame

Born in Patterson. NJ, the now Harlem, NYC native has been making the rounds all year getting his name and music out there.  Kenny Fame is known to soak up as much knowledge about the music industry as he can.  He actually covered the New Music Seminar for Indie Band Guru last year.  It is great to see that all this knowledge does not go to waste as Kenny puts all his tools to work to build his brand and succeed.

After a string of single releases this year Kenny Fame is about to release his full length album Fame Whore to his waiting fans.  The 10 track record explores much of what Kenny brings to his multi-genre music.  The opener “Shadow Dancer” has that raw feel that he is known for that builds to a full spectrum of sound and toe tapping beats.  The title track “Fame Whore” lays it all on the table with a soul influenced funk track that again has instruments seemingly coming from all angles.  The production is high end on the mix.  “Mother/Father” slows it down a little as Kenny Fame thanks the people that got him to where he is today.  The minimalistic vibe of the verse makes it even more poignant.  With “Julie” the experimental side is explored while still keeping it pop friendly.  Kenny Fame is able to do this often.  The closer “Stay” is a catchy little pop rock number with a bouncy and memorable guitar melody.  It is great to see the culmination of a year of hard work.

You can find Kenny Fame all over the web.  I suggest starting here:


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