Music has many powers within it when it is used correctly.  People rely on music in the gym to keep them motivated, but it is the people that truly let the rhythms enter their soul that are successful in reaching their goals.  One such success story is that of RFD Pioneer.

rfd pioneer

The artist based in Mississippi came to the understanding that music is a major part of his existence and used its power to go from a hefty 405 lb. man to the physical specimen he is today.  The style he chooses to share with the world is an energetic mix of electronica. EDM, and hip hop.  The moniker he chose stands for Real Futuristic Destination Pioneer.  With this his passion is to see people come together with this universal language called music.  The music is just a piece of what RFD Pioneer hopes to add to the world with his lifestyle.

The latest single by RFD Pioneer is the bombastic “Gargantuan”.  It is an in your face track with a powerful beat that seems to encapsulate the listener in sound.  The lyrics push forward with a message to be positive and make something of yourself.  This is an artist that wants to share his strong message with the world.  Go enter his world at:

The single is available at:


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