Riku (戮)

The singer-songwriter is ready for more after building a successful career as the lead vocalist for famous bands like HISKAREA and Phantasmagoria. Based in Japan, Riku (戮) is now venturing out in a new creative direction. He is now a complete solo artist and is ready to show that to the world.

With his name Riku (戮) meaning insanity and unite the door is open to just about anything. He asks listeners to get ready for a wild ride.

Get ‘Overwhelmed’ With Riku (戮)

Released under Key Seek Records, “Overwhelming,” Riku (戮) lets us enter his world with a bang. The explosive energy comes at us fast and furiously. The pounding drums provide a powerful backdrop while the emotional vocal delivery is felt, even if the lyrics are not in your native tongue. Everything comes together to prove the artist is on to something all his own.

“Overwhelming” is available now on Spotify. For more information, visit Riku(戮) on Twitter and Instagram.

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