Robin Lane’s ‘Dirt Road to Heaven’ EP

Known for her late 70s to early 80s run with the band The Chartbusters, Robin Lane was once heralded as a female icon of New Wave Rock music. After earning accolades throughout a storied history of writing music and touring with talented individuals, she is returning to the spotlight as a powerful figure in contemporary Americana music. Her new EP Dirt Road to Heaven is a curated selection of some of her new material, a representation of where she is now and how far she has come.

The EP begins its journey with the title track “Dirt Road to Heaven.” Right away the song leans into a strong Americana sound, the drum beat treads ahead at a steady pace as guitars surround it on all sides. Robin Lane comes in with a lonesome timbre, providing us with a vivid narrative full of evocative imagery and spiritual insights.

“Woman Like That” is the second song on this EP. The rhythmic twang of the guitars combines with Lane’s poetic wandering storytelling to create a track that follows in the footsteps of Americana greats like Bob Dylan.

‘Dirt Road To Heaven’ by Robin Lane

The song “All I’ll Ever Need” changes up the pace, settling into its own rhythm as an old-school rock track. Some cool guitar and quirky percussion are the backbone of the song. Lane comes in with some backup vocals for a catchy chorus, singing the title of the song.

“Hurricane Watch” is a heartfelt ballad that showcases Robin Lane’s vocal range as well as the emotional depth in her songwriting. This track is filled with memorable moments and lyrics that leave a lasting impact. As the song develops, the stripped-down instrumentals swell up to create a wall of emotion that washes over the listener.

The final track of the EP is “Last Cute Minute,” a high-energy country rock track. The witty lyrics of this song come together with the playful guitar licks to make a fun jaunt. Capping off the Dirt Road to Heaven EP on a high note, “Last Cute Minute” serves as a great song to wrap up the listening experience.

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