Sometimes the most refreshing music is a band that just gets down to the basics and has a good time performing their songs.  This becomes very evident when a group melds well together and can just feed off of each other and great simple fun songs.  A band that seems to have found this is our latest find Rock Bass.

Rock Bass

The alternative rock three-piece from Morgantown, West Virginia formed back in 2011 and has been working hard at having a good time ever since.  The band name is even fun.  Its Rock Bass like the fish, not the musical instrument.  Their aim is to write, record and perform fun and unique original material as well as the occasional cover song. The current line up is Canon Fazenbaker on Vocals/Guitars, Kevin Poling on Bass and Spencer Clites on Drums/Vocals.

Earlier this year Rock Bass released their debut album Garbles, a 10 song collection of enjoyable tunes that are easy on the ears.  Album opener ‘Thinking Parts’ is a rollicking alt-rock track with driving guitar that pushes the song forward.  The vocals pull you along to suck you in to the song.  More fun is had on ‘Phil’.  This time the drums are featured to get the listener’s head bobbing along almost immediately.  I sensed a hint of Weezer influence here.  Rock Bass stretches out on ‘Obviously’, an upbeat song with a dark breakdown of interesting tones to keep the listener guessing.

Go entertain yourself for a while with Rock Bass at:

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  1. Canon Fazenbaker

    Thanks for the cool review! Much appreciated ~Rock Bass (Canon)