We have another guest post today from our friend Selena about one of her favorite subjects: getting music onto sheet music.  Get back to basics and master your musical craft:

The Music industry has become a worldwide love, everyone adores one or another kind of music. Usually the music delivered to our doorsteps is in the form of audio files for e.g. mp3 etc, many people desire to convert these audio files into sheet music, but before we discuss the methodologies of converting audible files into sheet music let’s first understand these basic terminologies.

Sheet Music – A printed or hand written form of music denoted using musical symbols, yes! These sheets are similar to the ones we used to see in cartoons when we were kids. Why are musical sheets vital? Music sheets are vital for those who wish to play music after listening to them from an audio source or may be for people who desire to play the exact music over and over again.

The harsh reality is there is no particular simple software to convert such files but as they say, where there is a will there is a way. You can accomplish this task by converting MIDI files and transcribing them to sheet music, this methodology works quite well for MIDI (.mid) or Karaoke (.kar) files. Notation Music and Notation Convertor are the two programs that help converting these files into sheet music. Don’t have MIDI files in your library? Well, there is nothing to worry about, a huge MIDI files library is available online, all you need to do is find your desired file and convert it.

What if you don’t find your desired MIDI online? Nothing to worry about, there are some software available online that can be used to convert mp3 and WAV files to MIDI files, but the sad part is that at present such programs are capable of only converting single melody voices or instruments.

The final question! What could be done then? The simple answer is be a professional and pen down your music sheets yourself. Wouldn’t it be an ultimate success to write and play your music all by yourself, sounds interesting but tough, right? This is not so, this transcription has become as easy as ever. This method is very beneficial for you as you will develop that musical critic sense and by the time you are done transcribing, Viola! You already know the music.

Now coming to the basics you need to know when jotting down a musical sheet. First of all you need to know the style and structure of the song, it is easy to start with the songs of your own style whether it be slow classic or rock, it would be something you already know. This pre-knowledge will save the hassle and help you understand the music better. Next is understanding the structure, you need to know the framework on which the music has been composed. Last but not the least, slow down the song and start with the easier parts so you can feel encouraged.

About the author: Selena is a professional blogger who is deeply in love with Music. She is currently representing justforbrass.com, best place to buy sheet music online

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