Canadian songstress, Yasi is in sync with the latest demand for indie/electro music across the globe. A crowd-pleaser within her home-town of Toronto, Yasi is now taking her popular electro beats across borders to a growing worldwide audience online with her hit EP release, Bullet Through My Heart.

Despite citing her influences as an unusual combination between musicians Ellie Goulding, Lana Del Rey, Florence and the Machine and Nine Inch Nails, Yasi is producing sound unrivalled within the current industry. Yasi creates a unique blend – pairing a rich depth to her vocals characteristic of the indie/rock genre, with synthesised electro beats conventional with traditional dance, house and progressive house music. What results is a stunning compilation of genres that showcases Yasi as a stand-out upcoming talent above all else

Recorded and released as an independent artist, Yasi has channelled her full efforts for the EP launch, released in September this year. Not only producing her own music, the multi-talented songwriter has also experimented with her own cover-art for the Bullet Through My Heart single. Yasi says the release of the EP was an opportunity for her vision to become a reality.

“My vision is to always have a vision …and then challenge it,” she says.

Since this time, Yasi has also starred in a music video for her single release. Contemporary in style, both Bullet Through My Heart and its accompanying music video are mainstream music material, and one can most likely expect higher exposure as Yasi takes her EP centre-stage, with plans to perform in music venues across Canada in the short-term future.

‘Bullet Through My Heart’ is not the only success for the debut artist. Tracks ‘Dressed to Kill’ and ‘Forever More’ are electrifying, compelling the listener to shiver with anticipation for what is yet to come as the music reaches its climactic chorus. Dressed to Kill has a free-flowing nature to the music, which provides for easy listening and the urge to set the track on ‘repeat’, while ‘Forever More’ is heavy on the synthesised aspect of Yasi’s work, it doesn’t act to undermine the strong vocals that feature throughout the piece.

Having burst into the industry within the year, fans will find the lone disappointment to Yasi’s work is that there is not more of it. Bullet Through My Heart contains well developed and established sound interwoven throughout the three featured tracks, and as a result it is clear to see Yasi favouring quality over quantity in her releases. As an upcoming performer, the tracks that Yasi has released within the EP will most likely prove to be the break-through needed for the aspiring artist to expand and develop from her original work.

If this EP is an indication of her future direction, fans can come to expect authentic ‘no filler’ albums within the coming years.

For more information, stay connected via Facebook or Twitter for news about Yasi’s latest releases. For fans of the artist, Bullet Through My Heart is currently available for free download through Yasi’s website, which you can access here.

*– review by Lily Pavlovic

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