In this time of music being everywhere you turn it is essential to always come up with something different to catch the attention of the masses and secure passionate fans that feel connected to your sound.  Gone are the days when you could give someone a demo cassette tape and they will listen immediately and follow your band anywhere.  One band that we have covered in the past that gets this is The Danbury Lie.

The Connecticut band has been described by Indie band Guru in the past as meditatively macabre experimental folk.  It is an unusual sound but one that will not let you turn away until the band has had their way with you.  The Danbury Lie’s latest release is an 11 minute video titled “The Great Jester”. It’s a calming and heartfelt video which displays a mixture of soft lo-fi video camera scenes backed by 5 distinct songs which take over the listener’s senses and provides plenty of feeling.  It explores the emotions of perhaps anger, joy, and sadness within the sound and imagery.  The simplicity of the scenes meld perfectly with the imaginative sounds to create a full multimedia experience.    Please enjoy it for yourself below:

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