We will continue to scour the world for music that makes us stand up and take attention.  Luckily we can now do that from our office with the use of the internet and a set of good studio quality computer speakers.  One find that seems to put many experiences together is Rossemberg Maza.

Rossemberg Maza

The well versed musician has worked as a drummer, pianist and guitarist as well as composing and arranging music.  Rossemberg Maza was born in Mexico and educated in Europe exposing him to a wide variety of influences.  Hip Hop and classic Rock were his first loves but he never stopped experimenting with new sounds.  Before his current undertaking of recording a full album he decided to take a trip to find himself.  The journey led him to Tokyo, Paris, London, and several other world capitals searching for ideas.

The result is the full length album Through It All getting ready to hit the airwaves soon.  We were able to get an advanced listen to the 16 track record of impressive songs.  The first track “Coming Home” is a feel good dance song with an larger than life feel.  The catchy chorus will have many fans humming along.  The sounds of “Tu Y Yo” create a full soundscape for the dancefloor as the spanish vocals meld perfectly into the high end production.  The tone is sped up on “Through It All”.  This club ready track builds and builds to a floor rocking beat that will get everybody in the club moving.  The beat is captivating.  By the end of the album you will hear many world influences.  The changeup near the end of “Turn Up The Happiness” was welcome addition.  A smile came to my face as the lyrics tell a beautiful story of being happy in everything you have.  This is the positive songwriting that is needed in today’s music world.  Keep your eye out for Rossemberg Maza as his music is about to be heard worldwide.


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