There seems to always be a constant stream of new musical sub-genres springing up every day trying to be just a little different from the genres the sound borrows from.  There is nothing wrong with this and the originality it creates but it is refreshing sometimes to hear some straight up evocative rock sometimes.  Our recent find The Polaris provides just that.

The Polaris

The 4 piece alt-rock band hails from Coventry in the UK.  What began as four friends getting together to play some tunes resulted in a solid lineup of musicians who are able to use their own experiences and emotions to write songs that come together perfectly.  The Polaris style is a seemingly larger than life anthemic sound comprised of solid grooves fronted with ear catching melodies.  It is not easy to capture emotions on a record without somehow seeming fake but these guys have done it.

Today The Polaris released their debut EP A Beginnings End.  The 5 track record puts it all out there for the listener to experience.  The opener “Escape” is a no-excuses rock song with a powerful vocal performance in front of  driving and sped up beat to pushes the listener to stand up at attention.  The band shows their arena-ready side on “Nowhere To Run”.  The emotions pour out into the music as it builds to a large crescendo of sound.  The first song The Polaris ever wrote together “Daddy” had to make the debut.  It highlights their skill of taking personal experience and adding a catchy melody to make it relatable to all.  On the EP closer “Execution” the band slows it down to let the listener wind down and soak up all the thoughts stirring in their head.  This is a full journey of a record in only 5 songs.  Go get a listen and learn more at:


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