There is something to be said for a group of musicians that is able to collaborate together for an extended period of time.  We know that artists can often be flaky and have their own path in their creative mind but when some talent can get together and feed off of each other’s quirks beautiful music can be made.  Here is the case of Endless Interstate.


The band hails from the top of the east coast of America known as Maine.  A free thinking state that lets artists be artists.  Members Matthias Sampson/Vocals, Christian Muccino/Guitars and Jordan Warsky/Drums have been making music together for over 20 years.  They have developed this bond of sound unity that can not be taught.  Their music is elegantly written and is adorned with deep thought-provoking lyrics that any soul can relate to.

The boys of Endless Interstate have a new album on the horizon entitled New Fire.  Indie Band Guru was able to get an advanced listen to some of the tracks.  From the full acoustic soundscape of “One Time Around” you know they are on a higher level.  The instruments blend together seamlessly to create a welcoming yet energetic sound that Matthias pours over with his emotion filled vocals.  On “What I Recall” guitarist Christian shows his skills right in the opening intro.  The production is top notch to not let anyone step on any toes and let the full sound of each member shine through.  There is a country influence heard on “Wishes And Dreams” with the slide guitar and mellow feel slowing down the song and the storytelling lyrics leading the way.  The listener will find himself wrapped up in this one.  The title track “New Fire” is the most rocking track that we heard with a slightly progressive tone making for a very interesting listen.

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