The music world is not only for young kids that caught a lucky break some of us have to work hard to develop the skills to reach success.  Luckily there are programs out there for the truly motivated to get the knowledge and practice they need to get to the highest level of talent.  Today’s discovery Worldwide Groove Corporation has been developing for years and is now at the top of their game.

Worldwide Groove Corporation

The electronic power duo from Nashville, Tennessee is made up of Kurt Goebel and Ellen Tift.  After a lifetime of learning and studying different aspects of the music industry, the pair crossed paths at the prestigious Media Writing and Production program at the University of Miami in Coral Gables, FL.  The love of composing chill music expanded to the partnership that relocated to Nashville to pursue a music career.  The downtempo chillout sounds of Worldwide Groove Corporation have caught the attention of many radio stations as well as advertisers looking to connect with a hip audience.

The group started the impressive goal of releasing new music every month declaring it “The Year Of The Groove”.  It has been highly successful so far and have just released their 7th release in the series titled “Glitter & Bliss”.  The sultry groove is accompanied with sexy vocals to craft a mesmerizing track.  The pretty sounds will wash over the listener and leave them kind of helpless only able to wake from the lucid daydream after the over 6 minute song comes to completion.  There is a great read on the origin and backstory of the song at: 

Enjoy the full track here:

Enjoy more music and stories by Worldwide Groove Corporation at:

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