One of the best ways to use music is to spread a positive message.  It has been done many times but often the goal gets lost in the shuffle of trying to become successful in the music business.  These dreams are worldwide, as is the message.  We recently discovered Idzkan with the help of the worldwide internet.


The aspiring singer/songwriter hails from a small city in Malaysia called Johor Bahru.  What has been a struggling upbringing with sacrifice throughout has led Idzkan back to his biggest dream, to pursue a career in music.  His music is mostly in the dance electronica genre with a good hint of pop.  The most important piece to Idzkan’s music though is his goal to spread love and positivity with the sound.

He recently hooked up with the amazing 11 year old producer DJ Wizzy to take his music to the next level.  The result is the new single “Chase Your Dreams”.  The song varies from a mellow RnB song to the high energy of a dancefloor dubstep track with really emotion throughout. Enjoy the music video below:

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