Royal Teeth Revives Their Sound in Recent Release, “Rivalry”

Royal Teeth

                At some point in everyone’s personal and professional lives, we all have felt the overwhelming urge to give up on a goal and find ourselves falling victim to the Siren’s song that lures us away from success. Sailing past such temptation and choosing instead to focus on songs of their own, indie pop band Royal Teeth has returned from hiatus with the release of their latest single and ode to empowerment, “Rivalry”. The four-piece band composed of Gary Larsen (vocals and guitar), Nora Patterson (vocals), Josh Hefner (drums), and Thomas Onebane (guitar) initially came together in 2010 and released their debut EP, Act Normally, two years later in 2012. Quickly catching the eye of music moguls such as MTV, SiriusXM, and American Idol, Royal Teeth continued to develop their discography in short succession with the launch of their debut LP, Glow, in 2013 followed by EP number two, Amateurs, in 2016. However despite this period of prosperity, the band soon found themselves riding the lows more often than the highs on the rollercoaster that is the music industry. In a whirlwind that lead to a search for self-identity, Royal Teeth found themselves signing to their third label in six years and it was out of this tumultuous journey that inspiration for “Rivalry” and their future LP, Hard Luck, was found.

The Battle Between the Realistic and Idealistic

                Just like many others who have made the commendable choice to follow the path of non-conformity in pursuit of their passions, vocalist Gary Larsen often struggled with the daunting reality of chasing success in such a competitive industry. Unsure how to move forward, Larsen explained his conflict as a battle between “’Is this worth it?’ and ‘Without this, what am I’ and the search for finding your way.’” This indecision is heavily reflected in “Rivalry” which presents itself as a ballad that takes on more of a brooding, folk perspective than some of their previous songs. An anthem to all who are stuck in a period of transition or feeling lost in some aspect of their life, “Rivalry” fluctuates between slow and pensive verses that burst emphatically into a powerful and revitalizing chorus. Further highlighting the song’s message of perseverance, “Rivalry” was released with a lyric video that allows listeners to comprehend each poetic phrase in relation to its importance in the song. Following two 2018 singles in addition to the prior 2019 release of “Show You What I Can Do”, “Rivalry” looks to be the fourth featured song off the upcoming album Hard Luck which is expected to make an appearance sometime this year.

                Continually coming up with new material, Royal Teeth is still creating songs that may find their way onto Hard Luck by the time of its premiere. Jumping whole-heartedly into their newfound sound and sense of purpose, Royal Teeth is currently on the road with fellow indie pop band Smallpools as they tour across parts of the southern and mid-western United States. Prior to joining Smallpools, the band notably performed at the Jazz & Heritage Festival in New Orleans on April 28th just a few days after the release of “Rivalry” which undoubtedly added to the upcoming album’s anticipation. As indicated through the previously released singles, Hard Luck promises to be a creation unlike anything we have seen from Royal Teeth before. Though listeners can luckily find satiation through “Rivalry” as they await the band’s impending album, don’t forget to keep an eye out for additional announces as Royal Teeth continues to ride this wave of resurgence into a new era of sound and success.

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