Logic releases new single “Homicide”

For Logic, it’s not enough that he’s an immensely successful rapper with listeners numbering in the hundred millions. He’s obsessed with his legacy, and being recognized as a hip hop titan not just by his fans but by the giants of the industry. On “Homicide,” Logic’s bitterness about this lack of recognition boils over as he attempts once again to prove himself.

Logic is undoubtedly a good rapper with excellent technical skills. You can tell this immediately on “Homicide” without having to tune in too much. Judged just by his flow, he would certainly stack up as a great rapper, but contemporary hip hop is too talented a field to be able to stand out with just flow, and the rappers Logic loves to emulate and compare himself to certainly had more than that.

Logic often talks about his lyricism, “Know you feelin’ lyricism when I’m spillin’ it,” he raps on “Homicide.” However, he has never seemed to be able to back this up. Even next to a largely average verse from Eminem on this track, the difference in ability is evident. Eminem’s verse folds in references and wordplay into a tight verse as Logic doubles down on his trademark repetitiveness.

On “Homicide,” Logic’s attempt to level his peers and haters lacks bite. When he attempts to get personal, speaking up about identity issues and depression, he sounds corny. To hear him tell it, this is because the rap community doesn’t want to listen to his “message of peace, love, and positivity.” He claims that he is “ridiculed for the color of my skin, rather than my talent.”

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Listen to Logic’s new album Confessions of A Dangerous Mind on Spotify.

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