Ryan And Pony “Start Making Sense”

It’s great to see and hear the dynamic tandem of Ryan and Pony riding the top of the music scene once again, with a compelling video “Start Making Sense,” successfully addressing themes of the pandemic era, bringing a light of rebirth and promise at the end, with a powerful, uplifting chorus that helps the listener feel a hope that everything will be alright.

I’m mesmerized by the use of fuzzy distorted guitars, riveting bass lines and gripping percussion in a trio setting, merging together with psychedelic far-eastern charged sounds. For the layering of instruments is crafted well in its production, as each track is layered and mastered with great finesse.

I must agree that I’m blown away by the scope of the song’s theme presented, and its brilliant convergence of instrumental mood and vocals. However, I feel “Start Making Sense” truly comes to life in radiant fashion in the video.

You get to see its delightful choreography. You see the faces and outfits of the songwriter duet up front, their cool jackets and shades as well, jamming on their guitar and bass, displaying their veteran rock star aura.

The chemistry of Ryan Smith, with ties to Soul Asylum since 2016 and Kathie Hixon-Smith, is truly out of this world. For with all their veteran rock star experience, and wisdom in their art and craft, they most sincerely have a gift and know how to express that gift in the highest esteem.

They write with great conviction and insight, and they sing and perform with power, grace and gripping ease, wonderfully addressing the themes, conveying them to their audience with humble effect.

This song is a delight, and it’s the type of track that wants me to keep the song on repeat in my cd player as I hike the morning trail, or as I shower or read away the night.

Watch the video for “Start Making Sense” below

The overall sonic narrative paints a cinematic portrait of 2020 in the video’s pictures and the indie rock alternative delivery of buzzing guitars, charging bass and backing rhythms. Well-laced together, each part of the song, both melodically and instrumentally, sound both omnipotent and sentimental, it’s atmospheric mood honest and genuine of the times.

Even more so, “Start Making Sense” is timeless, engaging and inviting. The pulse, rhythm and sonic melodies are brilliantly reflected through the video in formidable fashion, as the genius of Ryan and Pony spells true their ability to create music in its rawest form, only to branch out around the heart of its core and orchestrate it to quite beautiful, expressive effect.

I can’t help but find the rest of the album to be a smash hit, a perfect companion for the soul and spirit as we all do our best to grind out and survive through these darker times. This song is quite satisfying and never fails to keep me consistently entertained. It’s a lovely and mesmerizing work, and I can feel in the music a vibe reminiscent of the great British rock act Oasis within their tune “The Hindu Times.”

For the song’s uplifting chorus hook is so inviting and full of hope, it helps the listener feel that all will be well soon and that things are turning the corner.

The video of “Start Making Sense” shows images that we’ve experienced during the fear, worry and sadness of 2020, though towards the end, those terrifying pictures begin to reverse themselves back to normal, giving us all a light of hope near the end of the tunnel to dream and seek joy again.

I’ve found this song very inspiring and positive, and it reminds me to “stop living a tense life and start making sense.” To start counting our blessings, savor the now and make the most of this life. To turn the corner we can use the power of music to find our positive edge again.

To sum things up, this song and video by Ryan and Pony is quite a enduring work, a great find for the song list of summer 2021.

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