Music is sent to us here at Indie Band Guru almost constantly.  Granted great music will always stand on its own, but when the music is attached to a story it makes it a lot easier to get into it and see beyond just the sound.  Our latest submission came with a one sentence description which turned me off originally but I gave the EP a listen and maybe it can stand on its own.  Here is Sanghera.


The description that accompanied the album was almost too simple. “No real driving story other than trying to express myself and my art form.” Something about it though made we want to see what Sanghera was all about.  I jumped to his website and was greeted with an interesting album cover, some tracks to listen to, and the quote “I want everyone to be me.”  Now I was intrigued.

The album In The Thick Of It… was released last month.  It is a 6 track EP along the hip hop genre but with a little something extra to it.  San Francisco based Sanghera has spawned his own style of rapping over simple beats with a voice that is smooth and subdued yet energetic at the same time.  The song ‘Al Greening’ allows Sanghera to flow over some old school soul.  There is a mix of sounds here that reaches for the listener’s attention but lets you focus on the rolling lyrics.  ‘Man At The End (Feel)’ begins with a peppy piano riff before the vocals come in and attack with a force of their own.  The closing track ‘Blackbird’ almost comes off as an acapella song allowing Sanghera to get out all the word that he has in his mind.  The over 5 minute song is epic in its simplicity while remaining attention grabbing with a chorus that soothes the savage beast.

Go give Sanghera a listen for yourself at:

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