It may be on the other side of the world from where I am now in New York City but good things are making their way to me from Australia.  When we see hard work and dedication in a band it transfers to a sense of pride in independent bands everywhere,  Our latest find, Secrets Of A Wooden Hut, has put in the time and is now poised to become a force heard across the globe.

secrets of a wooden hut

The alternative rock band from Melbourne, Australia has built something from the ground up that is meant to bring straight up raw power back to a convoluted rock music scene.  Founding members Scott Murdoch and Heath Mitchell have been making music together since they first met.  After hooking up with producer Joshua Rumer from Los Angeles, bassist Gregg Cash, and singer Samantha Sharpe, the lineup was complete and the band got to work.  The determination of Secrets Of A Wooden Hut was extremely evident as they went in the studio and put together a full 6 song EP in only 3 weeks.

The new EP From The Outside is a full force of energy that seems like it is from a band with a tremendous amount of experience.  The opener “Madness” puts everything on the table right away with soaring vocals over technically skilled guitar lines that create an epic tune.  The title track “From The Outside” fills the sonic palette with noise from all over the spectrum somehow combining into a beautiful pice of music.  The production really shines through here.  The band shows off a hard side on “Eternal” with an angry churning guitar pushed forward by powerful drums.  In only 6 songs Secrets Of A Wooden Hut shows true potential and leaves us waiting for more.  Keep up with the band at:

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