Séline Delcourt Shares the ‘Lights’ of The ‘Morning Sun’


Séline Delcourt is a rising artist, who crosses genre and culture in her stunning and unique music. The artist composes all of her own music, and produces her own music videos, which encapsulate her unique style. She grew up living in multiple different countries across the world, and music was a grounding point for her. It continued to be important through her childhood and then through her college education at Oxford University. Most recently she won ‘Best Solo Artist’ at the International Music Video Underground Festival in 2021.

Her recent singles, “Morning Sun” and “Lights” each encapsulate a dramatic sort of energy though they are different in topic. Delcourt’s voice is deep, almost operatic, and she takes full advantage of it, taking on powerfully dramatic topics in her music with a lot of gravity. The style is unusual and refreshing, in a sea of less serious vocal styles.

“Morning Sun” is a song about dramatic heartbreak. It is rendered in nature from the singer’s point of view. The morning sun does not rise when she is not with her lover. Her voice is certainly the central focus of the song but the instrumentals are impressive in their own right. The atmospheric mix of electronics and acoustic samples both give the vocals space, and rise to meet them when necessary. The music is accompanied by a video of Delcourt in stunning fashion set among a natural landscape.

“Lights” is a song about dreams and personal struggle, with the focus on the story of a struggling actress. Delcourt’s striking voice is a good fit for this song. The whole thing feels like it could actually come straight from one of the classic black and white films that appear in the music video. Certainly it captures a part of Delcourt’s own drive as a creative, in its dramatic sweeping vocals and story.

Overall, Séline Delcourt certainly has a lot of potential as a rising star. Both of these singles capture a different topic in a style that is reminiscent of many things, but certainly all her own. She has an eye for the visual arts, along with her amazing musical compositions. No doubt her upcoming EP will contain many more stunning works.

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