Joe Boris Wants To “Set Me Free”

Joe Boris has been delivering his own brand of Rock & Roll since the 90s. Sharing stages with other accomplished East Coast musicians, and writing plenty of his own material along the way. He releases a new double LP Anthology, check out the single “Set Me Free” to get a taste of his sound.

“Set Me Free” starts with a guitar groove. The strutting strums of the rhythm ooze confidence. The drums help lock down the beat, picking up in intensity to lift up the guitar during solos. The guitar playing channels the eccentric intensity of 70s greats, full of rock fusion style.

His voice flows like a cool breeze in the hot sun over the track. Lyrically, there is almost a reverence for marijuana, maybe something potential listeners could relate to. Female vocals come in to contrast Boris’s sound. Everything comes together to serve the song, creating the vibe the Joe Boris excels at on “Set Me Free.”

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