Shaun Panda Nicolson shares his ‘Songs From The Pink Room’

Shaun Panda Nicolson

Shaun Panda Nicolson has always been a big fan of music. But creating his own has been a different story. He has written many songs and performed them, but none were recorded or released. After a chance encounter with Lights And Lines Label Manager Mike Five, they planned to change that. After hearing some of his tracks, Five said, “Panda’s voice is hauntingly beautiful, and his understanding of what makes a great song is years beyond most people I’ve ever met”.

Nicolson has compiled nine tracks for his debut release. He describes this collection of songs as “pockets of sadness, flashes of hope, and moments of reflection are all sprinkled across this gorgeous indie-folk record”. The album was produced and mastered by One Blind Mouse. Everyone involved was excited as they all agreed this was something special. Now, we get to hear his album Songs From The Pink Room.

Songs From The Pink Room opens with “To Sea”. It is the perfect showcase of what this album has to offer. It begins with his guitar and a sea effect to draw in the listener. Then, the story starts with, “Warm, like the hand on your shoulder / Like a gift from a lover, like the love of another”. His vocals are raw and honest. It adds a special quality to his words. It stands out further as he shares the line, “I think it’s time we push the boat out”. The combination of his captivating vocals and moody guitar creates an incredible start to this release. It also produces one of the many outstanding songs from this release. 

Nicolson’s acoustic guitar sounds slightly less moody during the intro of “The Watcher”. Along with his vocals, they combine to elevate his storytelling talents. Moving along without any urgency helps to create a captivating feel to his soundtrack. A quality that continues into “Green Pendant”. His voice is gentle and effortless. It shines a spotlight on how he shares his words with honest emotions. An example is how he shares, “Father come to me, I’m sorry for what I’ve done / I’ll go easily. I’m sorry for what I’ve done”. 

Now to another standout moment from the album, “Broken Knees”. As it begins, the guitar creates a toe-tapping mood. With the stage set, the story starts with the repeated lines, “Everything’s apart”. As it continues, there is a warmth to his voice as he shares, “I want you to go home and let me be alone”. Like the songs before, it’s along about the emotional tone that holds the listener’s attention. It is an ingredient that comes together to create the foundations of this release. As the track draws to a close, you will find yourself compelled to sing along to “I’m falling down on broken knees, broken knees”. 

How to describe Shaun Panda Nicolson’s debut album ‘Songs From The Pink Room’? Simply put, it is ESSENTIAL listening!

Now for something a little different. “Dive” is a simple track that repeats the words, “Dive, kick, kick, kick, dive”. On paper, it may not seem that interesting. However, the layers of music that support it are infectious. It’s a credit to his musical and arrangement talents. “An Artist” sees the return of his gentle guitar and storytelling qualities. It strolls along as he shares his words. It slows down a little for the lines, “Love me, teach me everything you need”. Like many of his songs, you kick back, relax and enjoy his tale. 

“More than a Memory” feels a little angry as it starts with “I’d like to smash your face in, pound it into the ground”. His words are about some of those feelings inside, as highlighted by the lines, “Is this more than a memory? / Something inside feels wrong”. However, his guitar does not reflect this feeling. Instead, it moves along effortlessly with a warmer tone. A mood that continues into “Sleep”. Another track where the emotional feel of the soundtrack and his vocals stand out. A reason for this is how he shares, “I’m seeing things inside my head / I don’t know what they’re on about / I’m seeing things inside my head / I don’t know, I don’t know”.

As Songs From The Pink Room comes to a close, it does so with the stunning “Everything Ends”. He has saved the best for last. As much as each track (so far) has highlighted the different elements of what makes the music by Shaun Panda Nicolson, this one has it all. As soon as it begins, his opening vocals demand you to stop and listen. With no music in support, he shares, “I’ve found an ache in your flesh now / An image of me now, watching the sun”. As it continues, he adds subtle musical layers, including a short instrumental section. But, it does not take anything away from his incredible vocal presence on display throughout this song.

As it ends, so does Songs From The Pink Room. It is hard to tell if you want more or if it is perfect the way it is. There is so much musical quality and goodness on offer. The best music is created without limitations and assembled with love for the craft. It is what Shaun Panda Nicolson has done with this release. It is one of the year’s best albums and deserves the praise it will receive. As a bonus, he also released Abstractions In The Dark. It offers something different with its sci-fi vibes (thanks to its layers of electronic elements). No track stands out because everyone is part of one long instrumental journey. If you love music, these albums are worth your listening time.

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