One of the most important aspects in growing popularity for a band is getting out there and playing live shows.  Even with the internet getting your music out there for the chance of any ear hearing it, if no one is looking the songs will go unnoticed.  Creating a party atmosphere that everyone wants to be at will draw more dedicated fans than anything else your band could do.  Our recent find Sherry Drive is well aware of this and on the path to prove it works.

Sherry Drive

The hard rock band from Omaha, Nebraska prides themselves on having a great time with the people they play for and it has helped the band gain some real momentum.  Sherry Drive has been ranked the #1 Rock band in Omaha on Reverb Nation for the last 2 years.  The group is made up of father and son team, Rich (rhythm guitar) and Anu (Lead Guitar) with the help of active duty military members Darin (drums) previously of cover band The Shrooms from Iowa, Rusty (vocals) a degreed theatre major, and J (bass) previously of the Wayne grunge band Shrewdness.  Together they put together pieces of old school metal, 90’s Grunge, and modern rock for a sound that is all their own.  

The latest offering for Sherry Drive is the One Lane Bridge EP.  The 7 track record is a raw look at the power and energy of 5 guys doing what they love and hoping to share it with everyone they meet.  The album opens with the mellow start of “Walk Away” before launching into a full scale rock assault that could get any crowd moving.  There is a heartfelt emotion felt on “Drown Them In Sorrow”.  The lyrics spill over the powerful beat forcing the listener to lean in and pay close attention to what is happening.  The hard rock/metal influence shows up most in “Don’t Take It Back” with shredding guitar sharing the stage with powerful bass lines and drumming.  The title track “One Lane Bridge” begins with a pretty piano piece leading to fancy guitar work and the full band coming together for quite a beautiful song that reeks of true talent.  We are excited to see what comes next for these hard working rockers.  Keep up with the band at: 

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