When we first heard of the The Worldwide Groove Corporation’s plan to release a new original song every month for a year we were somewhat skeptical if it could be done and would churn out interesting music.  It was a large undertaking especially considering this was a side project from a duo that runs a music production business with many clients.  We are pleased to announce that it has been done and the music is phenomenal.

Worldwide Groove Corp

The team of Ellen Tift and Kurt Goebel are the brains behind the project based out of Nashville, Tennessee.  In all Worldwide Groove Corporation put out 32 tracks for this “side project.” “The Year of the Groove has been immensely challenging and rewarding,” says Ellen Tift. “I never imagined we could accomplish so much in 12 months. We actually had to take on more music production work from our clients to be able to afford this endeavor, so we were working quadruple time for a whole year.” The music hits all over the map and blends well within every genre they choose.

Now the full album is available for your listening pleasure in one complete package.  Get it HERE.  From the opener “Summertime” with its electronic chill vibe the tone is set for a full musical experience from true production professionals.  The October 2014 single release of “Supermodel Astronaut” generated a huge buzz along with its powerful music video.  The electro-pop gets any head bopping along and body ready to move.  Some true diversity is shown on the sexy hip hop track “Freak The Beat”.  The beat bounces along creating a happy feel throughout the song.  For the holidays in December WWGC released “When The Holiday Brings You Home”, a sweet relaxed song featuring a beautiful vocal line that is perfect for that Christmas playlist with the whole family over.  To complete the project in June was the release of “Make Me Free”, but instead of closing out with a simple song the duo churned out 5 different mixes of the track from Chillout to Deep House to a soft vocal and Acoustic version.  Seeing and hearing this talent and their ability to put out likable song after likable song makes me wonder what is next for the Worldwide Groove Corporation.  Keep tabs on them for yourself at: http://www.worldwidegroovecorp.com/ 

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