Staying power for an independent artist is something that is very difficult.  Being indie limits those signing bonuses and advances that put cash in the pocket of struggling artists.  When the drive to succeed is strong though you will do what you need to get to the promised land.  Our friend Mr. P Chill is a testament to living your dream and staying the course over time.  

Mr P Chill

The Sacramento California based artist ​is an independent hip hop emcee and producer with over two decades of experience as a recording and touring artist.  Starting in 1992 as part of a hip hop group Mr. P Chill has chosen the route of the independent and supporting himself with day jobs to pay the bills.  This is a tough life so in 2010 he made the bold move of quitting the job to put all his time and energy into his music career.  P Chill has never looked back.  Now at 41 years old, the future looks bright for Mr. P Chill, a man who remains focused as he enters his prime. Chill is guided by his positive attitude, his heartfelt lyrics and his connection to hip hop’s golden era and the fans.  

On August 28th Mr. P Chill will be releasing his 11th solo record titled Still Standing.  The 12 track album shows that true heartfelt motivation to succeed pays off.  The record opens with the title track “Still Standing”.  Listening to P Chill flow about his long career and drive is truly inspiring for all.  The old school clean rap vibe continues with relaxed beats through songs like “You Got Me” and “When Words Won’t Do”.  The talents of J. Smo are brought in to help on “I & I”.  These two pair perfectly together with their styles that have remained classic for both of their long careers.  The darker tone of “Criminal” shows some diversity as the lyrics flow over a minor key creating an almost eerie vibe.  Some funk grooves show up on “You Got The Best Of Me”.  There is a lot of energy going on in the background here which seems to energize Mr. P Chill as well as he spits his story.  

Bottom line: It is great to see a long career still moving forward without having to sell out his sound and soul to the man.  Keep up with Mr. P Chill and more music at:

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