Sleep Science Rocks with the ‘Sounds of the Underground’

Sleep Science

Vancouver-based rock band Sleep Science is back with their newest single, “Sounds of the Underground.”

It’s a song that gets in your face but has a quality of realness and simplicity at the same time. It opens with a hard-driven but melodic guitar riff that serves as a memorable and catchy hook throughout the whole track.

Lead vocalist Taylor Nichol’s voice is versatile, going from singing melodies at the beginning to a much harder, scream-like sound in the chorus, even continuing to floating falsetto lines that accent the guitar solo. This versatility gives the band an edge and allows the song to grow and change as it develops.

“Sounds of the Underground” is the perfect example of what the band is trying to accomplish with their sound.

According to the band, “our music has a sense of throwing people off in a good way because we really aren’t afraid to try new things, whether it’s a random off beat time signature, or even a beautiful melody that almost flirts with the pop genre, over top of the chaos of sounds we love to create.”

Sleep Science Gets Real with Lyric Video for “Sounds of the Underground”

Sleep Science’s newest single’s lyrics talk about everyday life, specifically being a little-known band in modern society.

The impact of their words is magnified with the song’s lyric video, which was released right alongside the single.

The video is simple, but the simplicity is what gets the message across. The lyrics appear against a background of people walking around in New York City’s subways. While small underground bands often feel unheard, everyone in the subway station is focused on getting where they need to go and ignoring everyone else.

But after the success of their past two singles, Sleep Science’s reach is growing.

Their previous single “Tears for the Money” was featured on radio stations across Canada and was praised as “one of the top 5 indie songs of 2016.”

With melodic guitar riffs, strong vocals, and a powerful energy, “Sounds of the Underground” is sure to receive similar acclaim.

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