Soham De Wants Us to be ‘Brave’

Soham De

Soham De is highly talented singer-songwriter who has been flying under the radar for a while now, but not for much longer. His new track “Brave” is a stunning release that will be grabbing a lot of people’s attention and deservingly so.


De has been quietly developing a name for himself for his mesmerising guitar style and the emotion that comes from his music. This winning combination has been well reviewed from the 200 plus shows that he has already done. These have included supporting slots for the likes of Gabrielle Aplin, Noah Gundersen, and Amber Run. He has also been busy on the British festival scene with appearances at The Great Escape, Live at Leeds, and Hit the North, to name a few.


‘Brave’ confirms why Soham De is one to watch


The art of songwriting is an ever-evolving process. De is the first to admit that. “It’s been (it still is) a process of trying to find what I want from music and what kind of music makes me happy, in terms of writing and performing,” said De.


He is now in a happier place with his craft and it shows during “Brave,” his first official release. He said this song “feels like the music I’ve wanted to write, it signifies what writing and performing are all about”.


From the moment you press play on “Brave” the emotional tone of the song instantly grabs your attention. The tender tone of De’s vocals with his gentle acoustic guitar in support creates this honest and intimate moment. The lyrical content is simple but a powerful one about wanting to be brave. The accompanying video says it all, as it features the survivor of an acid attack.


The acoustic arrangement shows off this self-taught guitarist talent. Switching between captivating strumming patterns to intricate fingerpicking techniques, it brings so much to the track. Especially when his guitar packs a punch during the chorus of “Won’t you stay / Won’t you stay / ‘Cause I’m not brave / I’m not brave”.

Overall, “Brave” confirms this is a musician who is fearless but passionate about his craft. He has performed many great examples of his songwriting talent, this is by far one of his strongest. It also highlights why Soham De is one to watch.