Always remember that music does not have to be technically beautiful to be good.  The differences in musicians’ styles are needed to separate the quality from the crap.  If all you listen to is top 40 radio you never get to experience how diverse music can actually be.  We discovered an artist today that describes his sound as awkwardly charming vegan straight-edge queer alternative piano pop music.  That is a beautiful description.  Come aboard to Stephan Nance’s world.

The Oregon native totally accepts his awkwardness and turns it into a very captivating trait.  Maybe it is just the piano but I do get hints of Ben Fold’s when I listen to Stephan.  He is not afraid to make fun of himself or make corny jokes to amuse the listener.  This Tuesday he will release his true debut album.  A Troubled Piece of Fruit is an album full of 13 songs that most of us can relate to very well.  This makes for a very easy listen.  The single that people are already starting to fall in love with is ‘A Song For Losers’ with its self-disparaging lyrics and poppy piano style.  A song ready for heavy college radio rotation.  In fact the homemade video he made for it in his apartment already has over 94,000 views.  Another song that really hit my ear was ‘Paid By Weight’, a darker song where Stephan introduces more instruments to the mix.  This song could be an alt-rock anthem with a full band playing it.

Bottom line: Stephan Nance has a hit album on his hands in ‘A Troubled Piece Of Fruit’ if he can get the right people to hear it.  Indie Band Guru plans on helping spread the word.  Remember we always like to be first to the next big thing.  Tell your friends you heard it here:

You can stream the album at:

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  1. Thank you so much for this wonderful review! I really appreciate such a thoughtful response to the album. I hope that, as you mention, I can get the right people to hear it! You’ve brought me closer to that goal. 🙂