“When I Fell In Love With You” by Stephen Jacques is a heartfelt alt-rock track that is edgy yet sophisticated. A song about making the most of a new romance, its lyrics are steeped in youthful nostalgia but informed by Jacques’s maturity as an artist. It’s the first release from his upcoming album “Charmed to Death,” which is set to release Jan. 1, 2021.

Jacques, also known as Box of Moxie, is not a newcomer to the music world. He has a following that’s spread across the globe. He also has an extensive discography with well over half a dozen self-released albums. Serving as the inspiration for his music are Jacques’s rich life experiences that he traces through his many jobs in engineering, custom building, and acting.  

This shines through in his music. Some of his previous tracks, like “Hatteras Surf Buzz” and “Blue Sky Cowboy” draw from a variety of experiences, and even tap into other sources of inspiration like history and romance. “When I Fell In Love With You” is no different. It has a strong narrative and includes the musical elements that make tracks from Jacques so distinct.

This track is guitar heavy, integrating skillful acoustic and electric instrumentals that build depth and emotion. Paired with grungy vocals, the song is able to gain a unique and innovative contrast. Altogether, the elements bring the story Jacques tells in “When I Fell In Love With You” to life.

The soft, sincere instrumental elevates the tracks lyrics that capture snapshots of an idyllic kind of love and romance. From watching shooting stars to being swept away to California, the song describes a narrative fit for a romance movie. “When I Fell In Love With You” is able to draw listeners in with its sound, and keep them listening with its earnest message.

If you’re a long-time fan of Jacques, or new to his music, “When I Fell In Love With You” is a track you should not miss out on.

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