Steve Adamyk Band Maintains Success with “Carry On”

Steve Adamyk Band

When Americans think of pop punk, their minds surge with thoughts of Green Day and Blink-182. Up north, though, a different band also lays claim to pop-punk fame, the Steve Adamyk Band. Hailing from Ottawa, Canada, the so-called “kings of punk-power-fuzz” have amassed a hefty following with speedy, catchy, powerful pop songs. Now, the group is maintaining their enthusiastic style in 2016 with their new single “Carry On.”

The Steve Adamyk Band formed in Ottawa from the ashes of defunct bands Million Dollar Marxists and Sedatives. Their self-titled debut album came out in 2010. A year later, they toured throughout Europe and released their sophomore album, Forever Can’t Wait. After subsequent tours through Europe, the US, and Japan, the group released their third album, Third,in 2013. Their fourth album, DialTone, came out the following year. Now, they’ve geared up for the release of their fifth album, Graceland, late last month.

Steve Adamyk Band — Ottawa’s Pop Punk Maestros

To help listeners satiate their musical appetites, the Steve Adamyk Band released “Carry On” as their lead single.

From the start, this track spares no time as it promptly unfurls into riotous noise. Energetic drumbeats and cymbal crashes from drummer Dave Forcier establish a rapid tempo. They create a bouncy, bobbing rhythm when combined with racing, pulsating bass lines delivered by bassist Seb Godin. Splashed across this rhythm are crisp, cutting guitar riffs that mix punk nuances with tinges of power pop.

The most splendid aspects of this song are the melodious harmonies among the vocals and the guitars. The brisk vocal harmonies arise from the contributions of all four members. Meanwhile, the lively guitar harmonies arise from the work of Steve Adamyk, Davey Quesnelle, and their featured guest, indie pop musician Colleen Green. Past the 1:25 mark, warbling, mellifluous keyboard synths steal the spotlight for a brief, euphonious solo. Once it ends, the song “carries on” until it concludes with a nice fade-out.

Thus, with their new single “Carry On,” the Steve Adamyk Band demonstrates their skillfulness at making crafty, clever pop-punk. Be sure to hear this and other future anthems on Graceland.

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