Sarantos – Returns With “Perfection”


The music just keeps coming from the uber talented singer and songwriter Sarantos.  We have been covering many of the songs that the innovative musician from Park Ridge, Illinois.  The ability of Sarantos to keep churning out new music month after month has been impressive.  The latest is “Perfection From Every Angle”.



Summer is usually filled with excitement. It’s the hottest of all seasons. The days are long. The nights are short but that limitation doesn’t stop the opportunity the weather provides to wear anything and expose as much skin as desired. Schools also take advantage of this convenience to let the fun run all summer long. When Sarantos thinks of summer, perfection takes center stage. Being of Greek heritage, the memories of a summertime of fun in Greece as a child weigh heavy but free. A glimmer to Sarantos eyes is immediately apparent as a mischievous smirk overtakes his face. Memories of swimming in the Mediterranean Sea and enjoying the sun’s gentle energy bring a peaceful glow to the heart. A song is born just in time for the hot Chicago summer to enjoy. The music video is a collage of footage from all of last year’s videos as has become a routine once a year for Sarantos.

This latest song “Perfection From Every Angle” has a summery dance pop feel that will get you bopping along before long.  The vocals tell of the real feelings going on inside his head for the perfection that he sees in his lover.

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