When an individual is meant to be a musician, music comes at them at all times, sometimes even while they are asleep.  Dreaming that you are on stage connecting with an audience can become a self-fulfilling prophecy if you believe in yourself and pursue those dreams.  This is how the story goes for our latest talent, Steve Ryan.

Steve Ryan

The Georgia native dove into poetry and music at a very young age and put in the work to develop a talent in crafting melodies and lyrics along with weekly vocal coaching sessions to build the base the achievement of his dreams.  Ryan explains, “One night in a lucid dream, I could see myself on stage. My music was connecting with the audience. I knew at that moment it was time to begin working on my first album.”  His goal was not only to write music but to also motivate and inspire others to reach for their dreams.

The latest song by Steve Ryan to stand out is the impressive “Your Stare”.  On the soft slow R&B jam Steve really shows off his vocal talent and its ability to take the listener to a different place.  The beat is simple with pretty piano fills but allowing enough space for the lyrics to be the main attention grabber.  His voice is unique and seems to be able to hit every note that is called upon.  Go get a listen to Steve Ryan at: http://www.steveryan.com/

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