We get all kinds of music submissions here at Indie Band Guru.  Much of it is the same old stuff that has been regurgitated to the music world for years and years.  Different names but the same basic musical style.  When we get something interesting and different we like to share.  Today was very different indeed when we were introduced to the sounds of Super Squid.

Super Squid

The California four piece has created something that seems much larger than just an experimental rock band.  In fact, Super Squid considers themselves more of a superhero team that fights crime by day, and rocks by night.  There is a supernatural psychotic energy shaped by Scottie B. Squid: vocals, bass, Carolyn “CB” Squid: vocals, keys, Raymond “Noodles” Squid: guitar, and Darrel “The Barrel” Squid: percussion.  This motley group is not afraid to explore different ends of the musical spectrum to entertain their ravenous fans.

Super Squid have recently released the album Surf Party to a world that may or may not be ready for it.  The 13 track record is an eclectic mix of all that is good with experimental rock music.  Song to song different genres are introduced to the unsuspecting listener.  From the dreamy surf pop of the title track ‘Super Squid Surf Party’ to the heavy metal influenced ‘Ghost Witch’.  Some highlights include ‘Monsters’, a spacey experimental track that features the band members taking their instruments to exotic limits.  The spooky background mixed with a driving yet simple guitar line hooked me in to the over 5 and ½ minute song.  The song ‘Moth’ on the other hand is a sweet song made sultry by the sexy vocals of Carolyn “CB” Squid.  This is experimental make out music.  One song that really captured my attention was the progressive hard rock track ‘Zacron 3’.  The sonic background is filled with interesting sounds that come from somewhere out of this world.  The vocals are sung with power and scorn for the listener it seems.

Bottom Line: The album Surf Party by Super Squid should be listened to by everyone that has an open mind for all genres of music.  If you have a penchant for the experimental g o get a taste of Super Squid at:  http://www.supersquidband.com

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