There is all types of music in this world we call Indie.  An artist we came across today is Switch MC.  He has been in the rap game for a long while, performing with Black Sheep, Jeru The Damaja, and Kurtis Blow back in the day.  Like many of us that have been in the music business for any amount of time, life got in the way for Switch and the dream had to be put on the back burner.  Family and paying the bills always have to come first for a real man.

Now as a family man working for the man, Switch is forced to secretly write rhymes on his lunch break.  The beauty of this is that you can now hear the real emotions behind a man that we can all relate to.  He also updates his Twitter account regularly letting you even further into his world.  Transparency is key in today’s music business.

Letting Go is the new 7 song album where we are introduced to the new Switch MC.  One of my favorites is the song ‘Blank Pages’ where he gripes about the past and being a pretender trying to make it on someone else’s terms.  Now he is starting over doing it for himself while staying true to who he really is.  That hits home for me.  This is the theme for the whole album and you can hear his passion on songs like “Ring of Death Like My Xbox” and “Inner Struggle”

The beats are original and not repetitive and boring like a good percentage of the hip hop I receive here at Indie Band Guru.  Not having the fear to sound like everyone else is a strength in this case.  The lyrics flow well though at times his phrasing can be a little tennis ball-like.  Good if you just want to bounce your head up and down but I think there is more potential when you hear the album as a whole.  Keep being yourself Switch MC and the rest of the world will come to your side as they open their eyes to real life and the artists that are not afraid to sing about it.

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