Sometimes you need to mix up your everyday playlist.  Today I ventured into some uncharted territory and came across Sylvie Boisel from Sydney, Australia, a French Jazz vocalist with a charming voice.  She started her career back in Paris, France as a comedian/singer.  She found her true calling more recently when she moved to Australia and started a new career as a Jazz singer performing with the Sydney Paris Jazz Band.

Listening to her latest album, Amour, can transform your living room into a cozy French café in a matter of moments.  Sylvie’s soulful vocals instantly calm your mood and bring you to a place of relaxation that I personally am not able to find too often.  Her French accent only adds to the sexiness of the songs, even when she breaks into a cover of Bobby McFerrin’s classic Don’t Worry, Be Happy.  She switches between English and French lyrics effortlessly between songs which only add to the character of her voice.

Overall, this is an album everyone should add to their library for those times when you need a calming change of pace.  A voice like this, along with the Jazz stylings of the big band behind her, take you away to a place long forgotten in the hectic everyday life of most of us.  Long live Sylvie Boisel and we look forward to hearing her next effort in the not too distant future.

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