T.Roy and The Smoking Section Show Off Some Texas Grit


Being a musician means always evolving and experimenting. This will allow you to find and keep your joy in music making. The key is to enjoy each aspect and never make it feel like a job. Our friend t.Roy has been working in music from his earliest days and still finds ways to enjoy each minute.

The musical career of t.Roy began at an early age in Southeast Texas. Before he was legally able to even be there, he was playing six nights a week at the Foxy Lady Bar in Beaumont TX, with a parental release. The passion for performing grabbed t.Roy early and has continued for decades now. A decade in Dallas landed his band a nomination for ‘Best Rock band’ by the Dallas Observer as well as a 9 year stint producing the well loved cable TV program Dallas Music Magazine.

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In the early 2000s t.Roy signed to Sony/BMG/Provident label, Galilee of the Nations, and began touring the world non-stop for nearly two decades. The group performed original songs in the sacred music genre often on the road for 300+ shows a year. This experience helped perfect his ability to truly draw in an audience.

To change it up again t.Roy relocated to Asheville, NC in 2017. There he found a vibrant music community full of jam sessions and collaborations. This is where his current project t.Roy & The Smoking Section was born. Apartment recording sessions led to over 30 songs being recorded with a plan to release them all in stages in 2023.

The first step in this journey is The Texas Grit EP released at the end of January. The 5 song record is a great entry into what ‘just another blues singer from Southeast Texas’ has to offer with his newfound music community. 

As the EP opens with “Southeast Texas Son” we immediately hear the power of musical collaboration as the talent of the group shows off. Some epic piano by Leonid Pettinelski (AKA Lenny Pettinelli) takes us to the party with a smile.

The Dark Blues comes in on “Color Me Blu” as the focus shifts to the vocal styling of t.Roy backed by a full sound that keeps us all in place. The unique beat grabs attention and fills every corner of the speakers. Some elegant piano is added to the style on “Chaison Park” as the lyrics turn back to early childhood memories of a different time. The groove here is extraordinary as it pairs with an almost Jazz lounge style. A truly unique combination that combines sounds perfectly.

A big beat and spacy sounds come in for the closer “Some Kind Of Secret.” The vibe stays slightly dark but the drums power this one along with an energetic pounding. An assortment of special keyboard sounds keeps us guessing where the Secret will take us. Adding the element of experimental sound keeps this album a testament to the power of music. There does not need to be any specific box to stay in to create something truly great.

Dive into more music by t.Roy and The Smoking Section on SOUNDCLOUD.

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