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‘Our Troubled Hearts’ flies high by Jason Bradley.

A lifelong dedication to music will require overcoming obstacles. Maybe you started on one instrument but adapting meant learning others. Music lifers will wear many hats. At some point, the idea of “I’ll start my own band” takes hold. Thanks to technology, I find there are more musicians throwing their hats into the ring.  Minneapolis Minnesota

Flamingo Báy Releases “Capiche,” Got It?

Flamingo Báy are back in 2020 with their newest single, “Capiche.” True to their rock and roll roots, the track is a blast of guitar, drums and sheer 90s grunge. The Canadian band is composed of Kris Gies (bass), Vince Rankin (drums) and Dillon Henningson (guitar). All three contribute to the group’s Nirvana-esque vocals. In