Fergal Nash Is ‘On A Constant Roll’ with new album for the modern man

The human experience is something I think about. Usually when meeting someone new. I wonder about their daily routine. What kind of outside stress do they face? Rampant crime? Maybe it’s climate driven stress. Family issues do plague us all.  Our featured artist Fergal Nash is from Limerick, Ireland. Struggle, hardships and perseverance are topics his new album On A Constant Roll highlight. Much like love, strife is universal subject matter. Consider Mr. Nash’s album as another page in the book of the modern man.

A dark melancholy cloud follows Fergal Nash ‘On A Constant Roll’ like he’s Joe Btfsplk. Despair laden music contains a certain beauty like a renaissance painting. A key ingredient comes from the single note guitar melody over the chorus. That guitar line embodies what the song conveys. It’s everything.

In my opinion, ‘Crawl To The Shrine’ is impeccably written. Great breakdowns, synth swells, and dynamic vocal melodies are all over the track. Fergal belts it out and doesn’t hold back on the outro. His vocals and the heavy strummed guitar remind me of R.E.M. This single is solid. An absolute must listen cut from the album.

Bringing our listening experience to a close comes from ‘As It Is’.  Borrowing from the 90’s grunge, this single is an exclamation point. Much like ‘Crawl To Sunshine’ his songwriting shines. Every transition is intrinsic and seamless like a Scorsese picture.


Fergal Nash has been making music for some time. This album marks the first time he’s worked with a producer. I think it’s great to mix it up. Shake up the tree of inspiration. You never know what will spark a new great idea. Fergal and his producer clearly have some chemistry. I would like to hear more vulnerability in Fergal’s vocals. He scratches the surface on a few tracks. We can feel the pain in his lyrics, they’re authentic but I want to hear it in his voice.

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