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White Owl Red Shines In “Afterglow”

In the misty shadow of a vibrant twang, “I Walk the Line (For You)” begins to unfold before us in what first feels like slow-motion, only to find its gallop less than thirty seconds into it’s roughly five-minute running time. The chills this track induces on the spot are admittedly just as memorable as those

PONCÉ is bringing back 80s Americana with Afterglow

Funk-dance-rock vibes are making a comeback this summer and PONCÉ is here with their latest EP, Afterglow, to help this resurgence. PONCÉ is clearly unafraid to show their emotional side and sonic variety that is rarely reserved for indie rock. Harnessing the dance rhythms with guitar/synth combinations that are often unexplored in modern contexts, Afterglow