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Don Tocabajo Shows Us The ‘Signs’

As a musician gains experience they are free to explore and experiment. Getting the opportunity to perform with other musicians opens up even more exploration. Our recent find Don Tocabajo (pronounced T0-ka-ba-ho) has spent his life in love with music and keeps up the passion with new music coming out on March 15th, 2021. Based

Giliard Lopes Shows Us The ‘Caminhos’

Brazilian born Giliard Lopes brings a uniquely European jazz sensibility to his new release Caminhos, a Portuguese word translated into English as “Paths”. It’s another product of the top flight musical education Lopes received studying double bass at London’s Guildhall School of Music and Drama and composition at Berlin’s Jazz Institute, but also a natural outgrowth

B.E.N. – Open Your Mind For Bass Experimentation

One of the goals of any musician should be to challenge the status quo.  Creating new and original music will always draw a crowd.  Unfortunately there will always be the mainstream mind-controlled followers.  True lovers of music though will seek out fresh sounds and innovative musical creations.  Our recent discovery B.E.N. definitely fits that mold.