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The Roughhousers release “Chicken Fingers”

Even without taking the superb vocal harmonies in “Chicken Fingers” into account, there’s no getting around the appeal of the string play in The Roughhousers’ most recent release, which has a good chance of turning on Americana buffs everywhere this late summer season. While Grey DeLisle and Eddie Clendening declare their love for deep-fried poultry

The Roughhousers Release “Baby Brother”

To say there’s a lot of affable ignorance when it comes to taste in children’s music might be too mild a statement for any serious music critic to make in 2022; in all actuality, classy artists in this genre have become far and few in between, especially on the alternative end of the spectrum. One

The Roughhousers Release Childrens Music For All Ages

Like a childhood fantasy unfolding before us on screen, the music video for “Princess Mike” invites us into the innocent world created by The Roughhousers in their all-new single. Released beside the equally rich “Azucar,” “Princess Mike” is a track that elegantly marries soft melodies with a smooth rhythm to make an easy Americana ballad